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The best place to score an unforgettable view of Singapore’s sprawling skyline? Waist-deep in water, apparently.

Bucking the standard route of putting the hotel pool on the ground floor, Singapore’s colossal Marina Bay Sands casino opted for a more non-traditional design, planting a 150m infinity pool on the roof of the skyscraper, 57 floors up. The result? The world’s highest pool and a remarkable view like no other.

Designed by Moshe Safdie – famed also for dreaming up Montreal’s Habitat 67 building – Marina Bay Sands is touted as the world’s most expensive casino (it cost AUD$7.8bn to bring into existence), and probably one of the most luxurious: inside, it features a mall, museum, theatre complexes, a handful of high-end restaurants, an ice skating rink, a breathtaking Louis Vuitton flagship, a nightclub and, of course, that pool.

Want to take a dip? It’ll cost you. Entry to the pool is currently available only to guests of the Marina Bay Sands – meaning, you’ll have to fork out for a room (around $400 per night) to score a few unforgettable laps above the city. That said, the (relatively) steep price of admission also gains you access to all of the above, plus one of the more comfortable stays in Singapore (each room comes equipped with floor-to-ceiling views and trimmings, so you’re getting your money’s worth).

But back to the pool. The view itself is a panoramic, unobstructed eye over the ever-rising Singapore skyline, and probably the world (with a close second place to the Gansevoort Park Avenue rooftop pool-and-bar combo overlooking bustling NYC). Grab a towel and make haste.

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