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From underground dinners to hidden bars even the most seasoned Sydney foodie is sure to discover something new from this quirky list. We chat to 21 of Sydney’s top food and wine experts for their top picks to guarantee you a gastronomic adventure to write home about.

1. What’s the most unique food experience you have had in Sydney? Tell us about it. One of our current favourite haunts in Sydney is The Powder Keg at 7 Kellet Street Potts Point – a bar/restaurant by Grant Collins. Their head chef Elijah Holland is a bit of a forager and a substantial part of their menu consists of foraged ingredients eats and cocktails which makes this quite unique. Their cocktails are also surprising, inventive and next level. We kid you not.

2. What’s the most quirky food and/or drink experience you would recommend to visitors in Sydney? why? Quirky? Head to the green tea centric One Tea Lounge on 73 York Street to eat ramen burger and also Rice Bun burgers. David Yip’s joint also has a matcha (Green tea) Baoger – a fusion burger with green tea baos. It’s a mix and matcher and we’d best describe it as a fusion everything kind of Asian joint. The menu has 70% matcha in their items and its also in their cocktails which says something! And yes, they also have more standard eats like ramen on the menu too.

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